Friday Five For February 20, 2004

When was the last time you…
1. …went to the doctor? I remember going to Kaiser last January 2003, to get some medicine for a nasty cold that I had. But I didn’t see a doctor, I just talked to him over the phone. Before that, there was the drug testing for Target. But are they really doctors, or medical technicians? I guess the last time that I went into an office and sat on the bed/gurney thing, and had a doctor poke and prod me was about 3 years ago when I was living on campus and went to the student center with another really bad cold.
2. …went to the dentist? I honestly don’t know.
3. …filled your gas tank? This last Wednesday at the Arco on Bayshore Blvd near my work. Put $10 in the tank hoping that it will last me until payday. It won’t, but here’s to hoping.
4. …got enough sleep? About two weeks ago, I resorted to taking Nyquil for a couple of days to get me to sleep. I stopped cause I hate the after effects of Nyquil.
5. …backed up your computer? Right after Thanksgiving when I upgraded Windows XP from Home to Pro. Didn’t really back up the entire computer, just my photos, contact list, and email. Am holding off until I build my new computer to do a complete clean of the system, like deleting duplicate pictures, uninstalling stuff that I never use, and stuff like that.

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