Always cleaning…

Spent the day cleaning and organizing files, both on my computer, on my site, and paperwork that I have in my room. Not really getting anywhere in any of the ventures…
With my pictures, there is the problem with duplicates, problems with naming, and with how to organize them. That and the fact that there is so many pictures, most of them crappy pictures that I should delete. And I also want to add keywords to them to make searching easier. I wish I could do a batch file to do that for me, instead of doing them one at a time. Wonder if I could do it with Photoshop.
In regards with my site, I am continuing to relink pictures, dead links, and fix the formatting for entries (when I imported all of my LJ entries, all of the < and > got converted.) Also my older entries are slowly being spammed. I downloaded the update and I have a blacklist that I also need to install. God, I thought spam on my email address was bad, now this. I guess I’ll watch and see how bad it gets. Hopefully, I won’t have to remove comments, but I will if the spam get out of control.
My room, I was suppose to be looking for info on my dental program, so I can figure out what it covers. Instead, I got lost looking at old report cards and other paperwork.
Inbetween all of this, kept myself busy with games of Zuma. Mmmm, crack. DEEEElicious.
Not really in a mood to post, which would explain all of the quizzes that I have put up lately. I think that I will stop for awhile, or at least put them behind a cut so that anybody reading my site won’t be subjected to them. I guess I feel a depression coming on; good thing that I will have work to keep me occupied and a place to hide out. Yay.
Anyway, I should goto sleep; tomorrow will be a busy day….

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