How can I be bored at work

Well, I am. No receiving today, no transfers, nothing needs to be counted, nothing needs to be cleaned. Go, this felt like a day after inventory when we can’t do anything until the system is ready to go. Oh yeah, the system crashed too.
So I sent the guys home after Tim gave me an ass kicking at Chess. God, just three games ago I beat him in 7 moves, and now he has a 3-4 win streak going on. I really need to start playing other players.
There is a humming bird trapped in the ceiling of the warehouse. I have all the doors open and am praying that I don’t have to stay here until dark to wait for the fucker to leave. It’s not like it’s a pigeon, where I could get some popcorn and make a trail so that he would leave. Or borrow the BB gun from the paint shop next door and shoot it (Pigeons are considered the same class as rats in SF and it is legal to shoot and kill them).
Got my W-2 today. I think that I make a little more money than last year. I still don’t think that I took enough taxes out and will owe, but I will find out for sure this weekend when I do my taxes.
It’s not like I have totally been goofing off and playing Zuma all day long. I spent some time looking at box companies for boxes for the online orders, since I will have to order some soon. Problem is that I’m not sure that the warehouse will have room for the min quantity that I have to order.
Pissed off to hell with Barry. He was suppose to call and take me out to lunch today, but he never called. All I can say is that the bastard had better gotten the job he was interviewing for, cause I have been starving all day long.
Anyway, I think that I’m bored enough to play in the acct cage and organize it a bit. Will also rummage around to see if I can make a 20-30 ft net to try and catch the hummingbird.

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