Horoscopes Galore…

From Astrocenter.com
The person who is most organized and stable will win the race – so let this be you, dear Taurus. Be careful, though; other people may try to distract you from your work, especially in social situations. You may be in the middle of an important project and decide to take a break. Before you know it, the phone rings and someone is talking your ear off. Suddenly you are trapped with no way to escape. The break that you hoped would take no more than five minutes has turned into a forty-five minute interruption in your day.

Mobile Horoscope…
Laziness is frowned upon. Get busy, look busy, and stay busy.

and finally, my geek horoscope
News flash! All the reports of piracy online don’t mean there are REAL pirates about! But the stars say you should keep away from planks this week just in case.

Basically, I am screwed today. The main goal will be to clean up any loose ends for Tim, so that he can deal with all of the new clothes items we have
coming in. Will probably be out here late again. Then I need to go home and pack for tomorrow. Some of the things that I wanted to bring, like my diploma frame, I will have to mail up later. Need to bring enough stuff to keep me busy while I am up there. Will probably not update too much, if at all (sorry, I just get too frustrated with dial-up).

**sigh** I should have got some Starbucks before I came to work. And damnit, I forgot my lunch too. Guess I had better start working in order to get this day over with.

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