Post 6000, honey mustard, and weird dreams

According to the log, this is post 6000; which got me all excited for some reason until I realized that the count is all screwed up. When I was importing all of my Livejournal
and other entries, I did it twice. So the actual count is in the 3000’s, which is still somewhat of a accomplishment.

Anyway, what happens when you have 2 beers, 10 piece chicken McNuggets, and a bag of French Vanilla Milano’s:
weird ass dreams. Both in the span of 5 hours. On a side note, French Vanilla Milano’s are excellent. I think French Vanilla can make anything taste better. Just a theory that I have. The second is that my faith in McDonald’s has been restored because the Pacifica McD’s has Honey Mustard sauce. I love the honey mustard sauce that they have, but they only have it at select McD’s. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have gotten that confused look from the cashier when I’ve asked for the sauce. Or better yet, when they give me a packet of hot mustard and a packet of honey. So while, I’m not going to start eating exclusively at McD’s or anything, when I do get a craving I do know which McD’s I will be going to. Ok onward to the dreams

The first one was me and another guy at Suzanne’s house and we were both waiting for Suzanne to come back home. So this guy is out in Suzanne’s living room talking to her dad, and I am cleaning her room. And I can hear this guy and Suzanne’s dad talking about stuff, like car stuff and sports, etc. I’m cleaning the room and thinking that I should go out and talk to her dad about Apple stuff. Next thing I know, Suzanne is in the room, helping me clean the room. Then there is a flashback of Suzanne and I driving on a clear moonlit night with the top down. We are being silly and laughing and enjoying ourselves and I get pulled over by a cop. I get a ticket from the cop, but I am so giddy and happy, the office thinks that I am drunk or something and I have to convince him otherwise. Then I go back to cleaning Suzanne’s room with Suzanne. And it’s a larger, different room than Suzanne’s room and we are cleaning it quietly. But Suzanne is happy, she giving me smiles and there is that good quietness going on, that invisible connection is going on and it’s great. There is this great energy in the air. Then the other guy comes in with Suzanne’s dad and Suzanne’s dad tells us that there are two taxi’s on the way for us. So Suzanne is talking to this guy, and I think that they are talking about something regarding either the Renaissance Faire or the Victorian Dance. And they are really getting into it, I think that I was still cleaning. Wasn’t threatened or anything, just listening and cleaning. So the taxi pulls up and the taxi driver screams that he is here, and the other guy leaves. So then another taxi comes up and I get ready to leave. I congratulate Suzanne’s sister Kimberlee and her
fiancé Kevin on their engagement, and then I give Suzanne this long kiss. Like no warning, no talking or anything, I just lay a good one on her. And I know that we aren’t together in the dream, and that she is either interested in the other guy or going out with him. But I do it anyway. And she is surprised, but she doesn’t back away. And then I say goodbye to Suzanne mom and start to leave. But I turn around and start to talk to Suzanne’s mom and ask her if I can call her because I am worried about taking care of my parents and none of my friends know what I am going through and she is the only person that I know who has gone through the same situation. Then my cell phone went off and I woke up.

The second dream was shorter and even weirder. I’m in a hotel room and two people come in; one person I didn’t know, I think her name was Gwen. The second person was Carol, one of my old bosses at Solano College bookstore. So Gwen and Carol come in to talk to me. I guess I am a cashier and Carol tells me that my register was $120 short. And then Gwen asks me if I have a gambling problem. I say no and then Gwen tells me that I loss $1200 at the tables last night and that the register was short $1200. And I’m like I don’t gamble and I was in my room all night. But Gwen says that they have me on tape gambling. And I just start to lose it; I start saying that maybe I have schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. Maybe that I’m sleepwalking and need to be
hypnotized or chained to my bed. I start crying on Carol apologizing, asking her to help me, and promising to repay them, and then I wake up.

How bout them apples for a “6000” post.

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