Back in the land of the living…

Decided to end my semi self imposed vacation from the net. Tried to stay away from Livejournal and the internet in general while I worked on my site. Site is still not done yet; I’ll spend today putting up whatever I have done and just continuing to tinker from there.

Last night I started out by going to AT&T to see if I could get a new phone. Well, they would give me the mail in rebate, but not the instant store credits, so I decided not to get the phone. I really don’t need a new cell phone, and I can just wait until April when my contract expires. Not sure if I will stay with AT&T or switch. AT&T has been decent with me (ALOT better than Sprint), however I could see myself switching to T-Mobile or Verizon. Well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

So after that I drove to BART and when into town and went to the Metreon to wait for Kathy and Amanda to show up. Entertained myself at the Playstation store for awhile. Nothing of major interest except for the Eye Toy camera that they have. I seem to remember Nintendo having one of these ages ago. Anyway, it looks interesting, but it will only be a novelty act kind of thing. It’s def. not going to replace the controller,

So Kathy called me saying that they were in West Oakland BART, so I walked over to the Powell station to wait for them and to look at the costumes. It didn’t seem to be a lot of people in costume; I think I just expected more. Of course there were some memorable costumes; like the girl in the scandalous blue dress…Like an Alice In Wonderland dress. Lots of gays guys dressed has military men. The guy that was dressed up has a hamper was
uninteresting except for the 2 minutes he spent trying to get out of the BART gate. There was
also a pimp in a orange tiger stripe outfit that looked pretty good. And for some reason there were alot of 12-14 year old girls out on the street, which I thought was

**side note** So I’m coming home from work and there are some kids already trick or treating. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND dresses up their girl has a Hooter’s waitress for Halloween. And I’m talking stuffed bra and short shorts and all. What is wrong with some people. This girl could not have been more than 12 yrs old. And then the other costume was a mime. A mime?!?! I know that you don’t have to spend alot of money on a costume, but a mime? Anyway….

So Kathy and Amanda emerge and we head to Buca de Beppo. I let Kathy wear my Renaissance hat (which looked really good on her) and Amanda had my tiger mask that Lesa gave me a while ago. I have a few pictures that I will upload later. So we get to the restaurant and after a 15min wait at the bar, we get out table. I had a Mudslide that just went straight to my head since I had only ate breakfast and nothing else. If you have never been to Buca de Beppo, their specialty is big portions of Italian food. We are talking about Claim jumper’s big portions. I think that the next time I go, it will have to be with alot of people so we can get a bigger variety of food. What did we get? A salad, pizza, garlic mashed potatoes, and some pasta with
broccoli and chicken. It was good, but not great; like I was expecting it to be better than it was. it was kinda disappointing. Couple of Halloween parties at the restaurant. One table had these two guys in hot pink and neon green outfits including chaps and hairy legs and chests. Only problem; they were wearing black underwear, which (to me) ruined the whole costume. I mean if you are going out in the costume that they were in, make sure everything matches. It’s not that hard,
esp. in the city of SF, to find a store that has hot pink or neon green underwear for guys.

Anyway, the night was fun, if expensive. **sigh** I swear, after the Mew dinner on Wednesday, I am not going out anywhere or eating out anywhere. Well, I might go and see the last Matrix movie. Still, after not getting the cell phone, (which would have been great to take pictures of people last night) I really feel the urge to buy myself some kind of present. So I’m either thinking about a wireless keyboard, a gyromouse, or the quiet PC case that I almost
bought last month. Either way, I think a trip out to Fry’s is in order. And OMG, I found out that Fry’s has it’s own credit card now. **quiver** You know that I am going to apply for one if I go. God help me if I qualify for one. God help me indeed.

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