.Time for Micro$oft to pay

Got my M$ settlement paperwork in the mail today. I think that I can get almost $150 back, depending if my old MS software is still at my parents and nobody threw anything away. Let’s see:
Windows 95 – $16
Windows 98 – $16
Windows ME – $16
Windows XP Home – $16
Windows XP Pro – $16
MS Office 97 – $29
MS Office XP – $29
Two problem will be MS Office 97 and the WinXP Pro. The Office 97 was an freebie version that I got while at Solano. The WinXP Pro was a freebie that I got for doing some testing for MS.
DAMN!!!! I think that we threw away hella Win95 CD’s when we cleaned up the computer room in the old warehouse. **sigh** That would have some more to add to the pot.
Anyway, I’ll need to email Eric and see if he can get me the CD Key #’s. or I guess i can wait until I go up next month.

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