.Monday Headaches

Man, I have this headache that just won’t quit. Don’t think it is related to the alcohol consumed at the Ren Faire. I’m pretty sure it had to do something with my sleeping habits. The bed was messed up, and I’m sure that I
slept on something, like my keys or remote. Woke up several times, once because of Keisha, the second was when I imagined that there were ants crawling on my bed.

**sigh** Speaking of Keisha, Barbara is putting her to sleep today. Keisha was a pretty old cat (17 years, I think) and she had her problems. On Sat night, I caught her down the street meowing loudly. It was semi-suspicious cause she looked like she was ready to go into the street and just lay down. Anyway, it’s probably best for her so she doesn’t suffer anymore.

I have to go shopping after work today and see how much I can stretch the money that I have for food. I have to save money for gas to goto Vacaville this weekend and for dessert. I have an idea on what I want to bring, and if I had the time I would make it myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have the right molds for this, so I will have to buy it. It’s going to be expensive; $35 for a 10″ round and I might have to buy two. I guess I should sent a email to see what flavor of cake people want. I know that Kurt is allergic/doesn’t like chocolate. God, if I get this I can’t wait to take a picture of it. It will def. cement my title has dirty Uncle Joe.

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