.Renaissance Faire Realizations

*If you don’t have a costume or can’t afford to rent one, wearing a unique
T-shirt (i.e. my Mind The Gap shirt) is the next best thing.

*If you are in a foul mood going into the Faire, have a couple of drinks and then sit in the sun for a bit. You’ll be charming the ladies in no time.

*No matter how much you hate the fucking bastard in front of you or where ever you see him, it’s not a good idea to go around giving him dirty looks behind his back or stalking him. Just a waste of time and energy…unless you are going to kill him, of course.

*I get bitter when I’m in my hung-over phase of drinking. Like snippy bitter…

*I am going to spend the time between this faire and next practicing playing Jenga, so next year I can come to faire, challenge, and destroy all who stand in my way.

*Women want a guy who doesn’t play games with them, and who calls them when they say they will.

*Suzanne is even more beautiful than ever and I am still in love with her,

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