.money, or lack of it.

I have too much stuff going on and not enough money to deal with it. The main thing is that I have to goto the dentist soon. My teeth are just killing me, and it’s not even that serious now. I know that they are going to get worse. However, With all the other bills I have, I really don’t want to tack on a $2000 dentist bill onto my debt load. Well, I don’t know if it will be $2000, but I’m not expecting it to be cheap. Anyway, there are too many other things I have to do. Need to get tickets for Thanksgiving and Xmas to see the family, and Xmas presents. Then I’m going to the Ren Faire this Sat; want to go Sunday but I am being considerate/chickenshit by going Sat. Of course I have to get a costume if I am going to goto the faire. Then the next weekend I have to goto the pleasure party/BBQ/dinner in Vacaville. I swore to Lesa that I wouldn’t miss it and I get to meet Kiera(?). And on top of all of this I need to buy food and gas.

I really should have turned that application in to Ross/gone 2nd job hunting.

Anyway. Let me pay the bills and see what I have left. Then I can try to figure out just how much food I can afford to live on for the next 2 weeks.

Oh yeah, almost forgot about the two parking tickets. The city one I can wait to pay has already gone up to $55 I think. The school one is at $55 right now and goes up to $70 after the 24th. Fuck. Fuck is what I say.

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