.costly mistake

[Listening to: Boys to Men [Remixed Version] – New Edition – Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (05:49)]

When you goto Safeway looking for some mash potatoes w/gravy, and they don’t have it, so you get the potato salad with bacon. Cause hey, it’s still potatos; and it has bacon in it too.

Don’t. Just don’t do it.

Go to the vegetable section and get the potatoes along with the milk, salt, and other seasoning you want in it. If you are lazy get the instant stuff. Or drive back a mile to KFC and get some there. But don’t settle for the potato salad with bacon.

I knew I should have gotten the steak-cut fries instead.

**sigh** At least I only got a 1/2 pound, and not the full pound that I was planning on getting.

Yuck, I can actually feel it moving in my stomach; any minute, it is going to pop out of my stomach and look at me a.k.a. Aliens style.

And I can’t goto the bathroom cause the cleaning girl is here.

Oh yeah, I’m officially going to be sick now.

Still, there might be time to save this. Wonder if I could make it to Nations or Baker’s Square in time to get some pie?

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