.weekend rant

It is such a crime that Buffy the Vampire Slayer never won or was nominated for a Emmy. Just finish watching the end of the second season when she had to kill Angel. Such a great episode. And that last part with the Sarah McLachlan song, Full of Grace playing in the background. Had to retreat into my room, all teary-eyed.

Weekend has been somewhat of an relaxing one, not accomplishing much of anything. Tweaked my back somehow at work yesterday, which is not good 3 days before school starts. Going to try and take it easy, however, I now there is a sizeable notebook transfer we have to do on Monday. Just have to remember to lift with my knees.

Barbara showed the house to another person today, a guy named Jeremiah. I hope she finds someone soon, esp. since she still hasn’t found a full time job yet. Here is the Craigslist ad for the room; I am the professional male. Makes me sound like a
gigolo or something. Heh. Anyway, she says it’s a 20-30 min, but really, it’s more like 10-20min depending on if you are going to S.F. State or Downtown.

Went to run some errands; man is it hot today. Went clothes shopping, but all I ended up with is some socks from Kmart. Stopped at Anchor Blue to get some jeans. The good news is that I have lost weight because I fit in a 34 waist again. The bad news is that it felt so uncomfortable. Has my butt always been that big? I am too used to wearing 36’s beyond baggy jeans, which just envelops my ass. Not that I am in a place where I need to show my ass off. I don’t think that any of the guys are checking it out. I
though hit me while I was shopping, or attempting to show, is the fact that I haven’t been in a Macy’s or any department store to shop in ages. To think that years ago I had a credit card for all the major department stores, and now I don’t even have a reason to go into them. In fact I can’t even really shop anymore. I go into stores now and it takes such an effort on my part to spend money on clothes, to try them on, to even window shop. I mean, I spent 30 min trying to decide if I was going to get
the jeans or not (I didn’t) and I spent more time than necessary in Kmart picking out socks. When did I become so….thrifty and a tightwad. **sigh**

Was going to wash my car, so I went to Target to get some car towels and cleaning supplies. When to the do-it yourself car wash; one of the booths was out of order and the other 3 have lines waiting for a spot. Might try again a couple of hours later or maybe try after work. Also wanted to goto the beach, however it was just packed with people trying to get away from the heat.

So I got a Playstation 2 and I thought that I could hook it up to my video card and play it via my monitor, however I couldn’t get it to work. So I need to get an VGA adaptor. $50 dollars at Gamestop, which is too much for me. I could goto Fry’s and see if they have it and if it would be cheaper. However, I think that I am going to have to win it on EBay. In the meantime, I am currently playing Jedi Knight II which I bought along with Diablo II: LOD. (still waiting for the 1.10 patch to come out). I think that I have plenty of games to keep me busy, so I won’t feel too bad not using the PS2.

[Listening to: One Sweet Day – Mariah Carey – #1’s (04:43)]

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