.Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart

Kinda got into a discussion with Amy about the big three retail stores the other night. Mainly we talked a little about how the three compare to each other. To me Kmart is the worse of the three. They do have really good prices on some things. For example, they had Pepsi 12pk for $2.50ea. And most of their stuff is O.K. However, every Kmart that I have been too has looked liked a bomb that had gone off at a refugee center. They are so dirty and unclean. And most of the employees are just rude, and those are the nice ones. And then they installed those automatic cash registers, and then they don’t even use them. and then all of the ghetto people and Bebe kids running around the place. I just cringe everytime I go into one, and I can just feel the
throbbing of the vein in my head beat even harder the longer that I am in one. The only reason that I goto Kmart at all is because they are the only place that sells Joe Boxer stuff. If they didn’t have that stuff, I would never go there.

Number 2 would have to be Target. Target is def. a huge step above Kmart. Most of the time they are clean, their aisles are pretty wide, and I think that the red & white motif helps it to look bigger and cleaner than it really is. They have a better selection of stuff than Kmart…better quality of stuff I should say,
esp. in their electronics sections. I also like the fact that they have those scanners around the store where you can check the prices of stuff (I believe they were the first to do that). However there are two main problems that I have with Target. The first is that they never seem to have enough cashiers; there are 20 or so checkout lines in a Target, and yet they have at the max 4-5 cashiers at a time. There is usually a long line when I go into Target, and I always try to pay for my stuff at the electronics counter when I can. The second thing is the fact that there are so many Targets in the area,
esp. in San Francisco. In a 3-4 mile area, there are 3 Targets, two of them less than a mile apart from each other. That is just crazy. And it’s like this in San Leandro also. Why do you need two Targets less than a mile from each other. People get in a tizzy when
Wal-Mart wants to build a store, what about Target?

I think because of so many Targets in the area is why Wal-Mart ranks #1 in my list. The nearest one for me is across the bay in San Leandro. There are no Wal-Marts on the
peninsula. That is crazy. When Montgomery Ward when bankrupt, that would have been a perfect
opportunity to build a Wal-Mart. Instead, we get another Target. πŸ˜› So the aisles at
Wal-Mart are more cluttered than Target’s, however their selection is just as good as Target, and usually at a better price. And I kinda like the door greeter that they have. I also
like the fact that they are open later than Target. The one in Vacaville used to be open 24 hrs. until the little accident that they had. There is just something about shopping at
Wal-Mart after 9pm that is special.

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