.and the healing begins

Got my computer back from the IS department. It looks like they just reformatted the hard drive. Unfortunately, I had to reinstall everything and download all of the Windows patches. This fun exercise took most of the day to do. And hour of that was spent trying to connect to the internet before I figured out that they
never installed the drivers for the NIC card. Well, almost everything is installed. The only thing missing is PCAnywhere, which someone from IS will have to come out and install next week, I suppose.

I have piles of stuff that are ready to go into my suitcase, but have yet to actually pack
anything. I have a load of laundry that I am waiting for before I start. Not sure if I am going to bring the MP3 player with me. If I was going to do it, I would have to start uploading songs on to it now and leave the computer on all night. And it still wouldn’t be
guaranteed that everything would be uploaded by time I woke up tomorrow.

Bringing about 6 library books with me, along with my journal and my book of questions. Not that I need to bring any books up, since most of my book collection is up in Washington. Was also thinking about
bringing up the scanner to scan photos again. But that would be so much trouble at the airport. Will just bring an album down with me when I come back.

Still need to email the links for my bills so that I can pay them while I am up there. Damn,
forgot that my dad got rid of the cable connection. **sigh** dial up…NNNNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!! Think that I had better bring more books. Wonder if mom has
anything social planned or if it just going to be relaxing at home?

**sigh** Still worried about leaving work for 4 days. I know that Tim and the guys can handle it, but still Just going to have to force myself not to call the warehouse every day. Might as well add on checking my mail or going online too, which will probably be a good break.

O.K. I should pack and finish cleaning….

[Listening to: Love Doesn’t Ask Why – Celine Dion – The Colour of My Love (04:09)]

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