.Monday Virus

Guess who’s computer go infected with the new worm that is going around. The thing is that I could have prevented it, but was told to disable the Windows Update because one of the update’s interfered with another program. And I don’t need any Mac users telling me that this wouldn’t happen on a Mac. Mac’s aren’t all perfect either; The iMac’s at the warehouse are crashing all the time. Like I said, I know that I’m going to get flack from the store’s webmaster, who is the a big Mac/Linux guy. It’ll be a fun manager’s meeting.

After work, I stopped by the Pacifica Library and signed up for a card for the San Mateo district. Book selection was low, but their CD collection was quite large. And you can check out 18 CD’s at a time. I see continued growth in my CD collection for the near future. However, I am
voluntarily banning myself from the library until I finish some of the books that I have checked out. Will probably take some of them on my trip this
Thursday; hopefully I won’t forget any of them.

Tried some Pepsi Vanilla today; nothing mind blowing about it. Sweeter than regular Pepsi, but not as sweet as Pepsi Blue. I think that I like Vanilla Coke’s taste-linke-rum-&-Coke flavor better.

Tonight is suppose to be a real good viewing of the full moon. I’m hoping that the clouds won’t be too thick to see anything. I have a decent view from my window, so the show so be great.

Grrrr. Still pissed about that worm/virus. There has been only one other time that I have gotten a virus that totaled a computer system of mine. Grrrr I say.

Tonight, I should be reading, but I have a feeling that I will sneak in some GTA time. I know, bad Joe…

[Listening to: No Valentines – Elton John – Love Songs [1996] (04:11)]

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