.weekend exhaustion and boredom

Just lounging around the end of this weekend. Barbara is watching some “Shark Week” program where they are
reenacting a shark bite that was captured on film. According to Barbara, you are suppose to get close and block the shark’s gills if they bite you to keep the shark from pulling you to deeper water. I’m sorry, but if a shark is biting me, that will be the very last thing that I will think of.

Anyway, I am so glad that this last week is over. I miss Tim being at work so much; it’s like I knew how much I depended on
him, but I really felt it this weekend. I still had to go into work on Sat to catch up on everything though. That was exhausting, to say the least. And then the store meeting on Friday, oy vey! Well, I guess it was good that they had it, but it was so blah and boring, and then trying to keep the guys in line. Talk about a handful.

Today, I just spend cleaning my room and doing everything except what I was suppose to be doing; namely working on a new website design and working on a spreadsheet for work. I still can squeeze in the spreadsheet before I goto sleep tonight. But the site design is going nowhere fast. Wish that I could hire someone to do it for me. **sigh** It’s all about that first step; that first pencil scratch, that first word or idea, that first brush stroke. Once you got that, it just comes pouring out.

Going to see my parents on the 14th in Washington. So much to talk about. So much to do. So many decisions that need to be made in regards to my life. Time for me to make the next step, or something like that. First thing’s first; and that first is deciding if I am going to say here in the Bay area or and I needed in Washington to be with my family.

Anything else? I have 10 books that I am in various stages of reading. I beat Bomberman 93 and am now playing Grand Theft Auto 3. However, not really making any
progress since I wander off and either do the taxi missions or do the crazy jumps. And I have currently have 4405 music files on my computer; estimated time is 297 hours and is 24GB in size. Only a few were downloaded off of the internet and those were free legal downloads from Amazon.com and other sites. Now it’s just a matter of getting lyrics for all of these songs and then choosing 6GB worth of the songs and putting them on my MP3 player.

Oh yeah, spending more and more time playing Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. Found this via Penny Arcade; it’s a mix of various games like Alchemy, Dr. Mario, and Bejeweled. It’s alot of fun though. Right now, I’ve been playing it safe just trying to raise my skills up a bit before I find a real crew to sign on with.

[Listening to: Fantasia of the Wind – Sherry – Record of Lodoss Wars, Vol. 1 (03:37)]

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