.hello moon

Woke up from my nap to the sight of the moon rising in the sky. It is a pretty cool sight, the moon in the sky, flying in and out of the clouds in the sky.

Can’t believe how hard I crashed once I got home, and I’m still kinda tired. Wonder if I should just try to go back to sleep or just stay wake.

Was having a dream with Suzanne in it, although I can’t remember much of it; Something about powertools, I think. **sigh** I wonder which is worse, the fact that I can only see and talk to her in my dreams; or the
fact that when I wake up from my dreams, I loose her again?

**update** In the dream I think that I was helping Suzanne with her webcam…webcams and powertools,

[Listening to: Anytime You Need a Friend – Mariah Carey – Music Box (04:26)]

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