The power of love; escaping a black hole…

After stuffing myself with a huge pasta dinner, was able to watch the season six finale of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer that I missed. OMG, it was so good. I missed Warren being flayed alive, but the rest of the episodes were great, esp. the end with Xander and Willow. **wipes tears away** So good.

I guess Big Brother 4 is on tonight and has Barbara firmly sucked in. The only reason she isn’t watching right now is because she had to goto the store with her niece to get something (she’s back and is 5 feet away from the
TV.) The announcer on the show, Julie Chen, has lost ALOT of weight since she first started hosting the show. Her head now looks huge on her body.

Anyway, I am going to wait until 9pm, and then rejoin Barbara so that we can watch the dinosaur special on Animal Planet.
[Listening to: Satin Soul – Barry White – All Time Greatest Hits (04:13)]

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