The Book Of Fabulous Questions – Questions of Careers

Would you sleep your way to the top?

I don’t think I would sleep my way to the top. I am against work relationships; rather, that used to be my position on the topic. However, since having several relationships with people that I worked with, I really can’t say that I’m against work relationships without being a hypocrite. With all of the relationships, the person I was with was lower in rank than I was.

But back to the question. I don’t think that I could sleep my way to the top, because I have to prove my worth to people. I mean, in the situation that I am in now at work. People at the store have heard the stories of us playing stickball out here at the warehouse. And it’s true, we have played stickball and other games out here. What they don’t talk about is how hard we work out here and all the stuff that we have to do by ourselves. I don’t know, I just feel like I have to prove myself to those above me and below me.

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