Getting sucked in…

Not a bad Monday, the way Monday’s go. Work is progressing at a nice pace and we will def. be ready for inventory this Saturday. I won some passes to go see the new Sinbad movie on Thursday. Still didn’t get the hard drive from circuit, damn credit from Fry’s is taking forever to get back into my account. But, I did get my checks from WaMu today, so tomorrow, I will def. come home with a new 120GB hard drive. I also got a
t-shirt from Lesa in the mail. Will take some pictures of it later.

For now, I am going to check my email, peruse some websites, then turn the computer off and let Harry Potter take over. I was a skeptic when the books first came out, but then I caved in and check out the first book and was hooked. It really is a good read;
esp. while waiting for Robert Jordan to get off of his ass and finish up the Wheel of Time series.

I might take a break and sign on later. That’s a big maybe though.

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