Sunday, the day of rest….

Spent today just relaxing for the first time in a long time. Did a little driving, did a little shopping, did a little eating, did a little beach walking, did a little bit of napping. Not a bad day if I say so myself.

So I know I promised to take pictures of the house, the cat, and my new neighborhood. Well, when I grabbed my camera, I noticed that the batteries weren’t in it. The battery charger was also missing. So I been looking for that (Along with my keys) for most of the day when I was home. Finally found both, but the batteries need to be recharged. Can’t find the plug adaptor, so pictures will wait until this week. When I was driving around, I found lots of places to take some scenic shots. But I will try to take cat pictures and roommate pictures this week.

Trip down to Bakersfield/LA went well. Tim got my ass out of bed at 7 am and after a stop at KKD, we were on our way. It took us about 5 hours to get to Renee (Tim’s
fiancée) aunt’s Diane place in Frazier Park (I think that was the name of the town.) Talk about a 1 light town. Oh man, and they literally lived on a trail; not a road, but a trail. So we loaded up the truck with heavy bedroom furniture and an entertainment center with the help of Diane ex-boyfriend, Dave. They have a 2 year old girl named Jordon who was a riot. After we got everything loaded, we went to a local Mexican place where I ordered the biggest Chimichonga that I have ever seen. I keep on forgetting that the dishes at rural restaurants are huge. After that, we made our way back home, rolling into Pacifica around midnight. It was def a long day. **sigh** Not sure if I was the perfect companion for Tim though. Think Mark would have been better for the job since he is stronger and can talk for hours. I don’t know, I just felt in the back of my mind that I let Tim down.

Well, from that I guess I’ll jump into the wireless issue. Got a wireless adapter off of craigslist and got it hooked up and working. However, it is acting
weird. I’m probable 30-40 feet max from the wireless router, so I should e getting a great connection. And sometimes, the connection is even faster than when I had the DSL line going into my computer at the old place. Then there are times that I can’t get a since page to load up, not matter what I do.
Weird. Still, I tried out Mechwarrior 4 the other night and the ping was in the 100’s, so it looks like I can play with Barry and Kurt.

Been in a “wanting to go shopping mood” lately. Having all of these grand plans on how to use the money that I will be saving. None of these dreams involve putting the money into a savings account, however. The one that has been sticking out is getting a new computer. I could just upgrade the video card to a ATI All-In-Wonder 9000 Pro so I could watch TV and get a 120-200GB hard drive. But then, I think if I’m going to spend that much, I might as well get a new computer, one that is quiet. And with that thought, I start thinking about the c-word; credit. Maybe get the computer on credit to rebuild my credit. HAH!!! I know, I amuse myself sometimes. Still, I have been toying with the idea; I could get a really nice computer, maybe even one of those Media PC’s. Well, they are still just dreams right now unless I go crazy one day and just buy one.

Other spending goals include clothes shopping, specifically getting rid of my white t-shirts with their sweat stains on them. Just want to get rid of all of them and just have color shirts. Also need another pair or jeans or two. Some new iron toe shoes. New cap. Then there is the bed frame that I need to get, so I can free up some space in my closet. The thing with that is that I wanted it to be at least 8″ high so that I could slide the plastic drawers that I have underneath it. Unfortunately, the highest that I’ve found is 7″. I just might have to get smaller drawers then, Also have been jonesing for a new cell phone. Either the new Panasonic or a Nokia. And then I need to get tickets to see my parents sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I have all of these things that I want, and in the past, I would have probably caved in and splurged already. But now, it’s like I just don’t have the energy to shop. Like today, I went out to the mall, CompUSA, Target,
Kmart, and Ross, and….

Gotta take off….roommate is having car problems

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