Move #2 is done….

More or less. The shevling and merchandise has been moved to the new warehouse. I just need to organize everything. Next move is next week when I go down to LA with Tim and Renee to help them get some furniture.
Went over to my old place to talk to Mike to see if he had mailed my deposit check to me and there was a 3-day notice on the door. **sigh** That is not a good sign. The notice had my name on it, and so I’ll have to stop by the rental office tomorrow to take care of that since I’m suppose to be off of the lease. Hoping that I am not going to have to chase Mike to get my money.
**yawn** God, this is only 1 week into the month. This is going to be such a long month. Still, I’m hoping next week I’ll take some pictures of the new place and Pacifica. Still mulling over whether to get my own DSL or to hook up the wireless. Barbara’s connection is a tad on the slow side; a bandwidth test clocked in at 500kbps, I like my DSL at least 768kbps or higher.
What else? Making a shopping list of stuff that I need/want. Need a queen bed frame for my room. Want a new ATI Raedon All-In-Wonder TV/Graphics card. Need to buy tickets to go see my parents. Want to goto Vegas. Need to take my car in for 5000 check-up. Want to buy new seat covers, floor mats, and head/tail lights. Need someone to love. Want sex.
**sigh** “Resist the urge”, I guess.
O.K. Going to watch T.V and pass out. Not in that order.
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