**yawn** **sigh** Damn these naps

**sigh** Damn these naps that I take. Poop.
Anyway. I would just like to say that I love women. The body of a woman is one of the greatest technical marvel ever. I was walking home today and just noticing all of the women walking by me. The redness of her hair (A natural red, not fake), the curve of her hips, the way she walks; you know, with that swish that you can’t help but stare at her ass, the way that her breast slightly jiggles; that doesn’t sound right…they weren’t bouncing…a slight vibration? Hmmm…They were just matching the stride that she had, the color on her legs has she waited for the bus, the laughter in her voice as she talked to her girlfriend over the phone, the tautness of her muscles has she stretched, the intensity in her eyes has she jogged pass, the way her eyes moved over the menu, trying to decide what to get, watching her lips has she lightly nibbles on her pinky finger….
This isn’t just about the tall, skinny woman. This was the overweight woman jogging pass me. This was the woman in the wheelchair reading her book. This was the short Asian woman on her cell phone. This was the older woman who walked in front of me with the great ass. This was about all women today and the beauty that is woman.
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