So Mike, my roommate, is

So Mike, my roommate, is once again on suicide watch for me, cause I am in my room with the lights off. I am not going to kill myself (the lights are off cause they will just make the room hot), although I am tired of Mike and people at work asking me if I am alright. O.K., I’ve been sick and under the weather for most of this week. I am not going to kill myself. Well, maybe if everybody keeps bugging me. 😛
Also tired of Mike (and everybody at work) asking me about Suzanne and I. I’m glad that I did wait until now to tell them about the breakup; otherwise I probably would have tried something stupid. Now, it’s annoying (esp. with Mike) but bearable. I know that they mean well and that they worry about me, still I guess it’s the independent spirit in me that wishes that everybody leave me alone with the breakup and the money difficulties. But, like I said, they are my friends; if they didn’t worry for me, then who would? I sure the hell wouldn’t.
Decided not to get ice cream. I weighted myself at work and I am at 190lbs. Still want to lose another 5-10 lbs. maybe. What I need to do is focus on getting muscles and loosing the gut and love handles (esp. since I have no one to use them anymore.) I need to use the machines more, I guess. And I should start doing crunches or sit-ups or something.
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