Watched Blade II. Glad I

Watched Blade II. Glad I saw it on video and not in the theaters. Oy Vey….
Anyway torn between going to sleep, reading, or cleaning my room. Thrilling choices, I know.
I should goto sleep, except that I’m not sleepy (this is typed has I yawn.)
I could read some of my books. But not really in the mood.
I should clean my room, cause it is really messy. But that can wait until tomorrow.
I’m thinking that I am going to goto sleep.
Tomorrow, I need to go grocery shopping, do laundry, clean car, mail bills off, clean house, and go work out. Thinking about working out everyday. We’ll see about that.
Also need to talk to Brent. Wants to come and visit Sunday. Wants to spend the night Sunday, I have no idea why he would want to do that since he has work on Monday. Anyway, I’ll get that straightened out tomorrow.
Current mood: sleepy
Current music: House Nation on KYLD 94.9FM

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