O.K. so Mike beat me

O.K. so Mike beat me to the shower. So I can talk about the Safeway experience from hell. First of all, I guess the most registers they can open up on a Friday night is 3. And I’m not even going to bitch about the lady in front of me taking forever with the food stamps. Hey, the lady just trying to survive, just like I am and it wasn’t bothering me that she got the wrong food and had to change her stuff, which took like 5 min. I was A-OK with that. What PISSED ME OFF was the guy behind us smacking his lips and trying to get all of the food that was stuck between his teeth. We are talking about a 5 course meal stuck in his teeth cause he was doing this the ENTIRE TIME THAT HE WAS IN LINE. After 3 minutes, I was going to make a comment about it. After 5 minutes, I was going to beat the living shit out of him. OMG, I WAS ALMOST READY TO KILL THIS FUCKER!!!!!
**sigh** At least there was this stunning red head with green eyes in the next line to look at. O.K. I guess she wasn’t that hot, she wasn’t a natural red, and I could tell that she was wearing contacts. However, her hair was SO RED and her eyes were SO GREEN. I think I was kinda starring at her and maybe freaking her out a bit. But I couldn’t help it, for some reason, she was just stunning.
Well, the workout wasn’t that bad, although I bitched and moaned about it. Afterward we went to Movie Magic to rent Blade II. Has we were walking home, we saw some lights in the sky. We thought that there was a party going on at campus, but a security guard told us that it was off campus. The security guard was high has a kite; I mean even in the dark, I could tell that her eyes were red and bloodshot.
Anyway, the whole time that Mike and I are out, Mike is just checking out every single girl. I mean every single girl. EVERY SINGLE GIRL. I hope that he finds somebody soon, otherwise he just might explode.
O.K. Mike is done so I can go shower.
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