At least everything is going

At least everything is going smooth at work. I thought that we would be swamped with stuff, but we have done a really good job on being on top of things. Need to talk to one of the bosses and hit them up for some money to take my guys out. The new guy, Mike, is working out pretty well. The way him and Tim have hit it off, it’s like they’ve been best friends forever. Anyway, with all of the chaos going on at the store, it makes me appreciate working at the warehouse even more.
So, there’s a four day weekend looming on the horizon, and I have nothing planned. I wanted to go see Dan & Jen & Drake, but I worry about the gas it would take to get there and back. I guess it a good time to clean the house from top to bottom. Mike thinks that he saw a cockroach in the kitchen the other day. I’m annoyed as it is at the fact that we have almost every other bug in the house from silverfishes to mosquitoes. Roaches and ants are the two bugs that I can’t stand. It doesn’t help that Mike is kinda messy….alright, so I haven’t been too clean in the kitchen either or in my room. I’m still pissed about spilling food all over my mattress. **sigh** I just paid the damn thing off too. I wish that we had TV reception in our house; then I would eat downstairs. Even if we had a radio downstairs, that might keep me at the dinning room table to eat my meals. But we don’t, so I come up to my room to eat, where I have my computer and my radio at. (I’m kinda pissed that Mike didn’t crack and get cable. I thought he would have gotten it before school starts. Now that he has classes again, I doubt that he will have any time for TV. Damn!)
Speaking of Mike, he just got home. He wants to do something with me this weekend. He said that he would take me out to Cold Stone Creamery. I told him no. I am tired of people paying for me. I mean, Suzanne bought me groceries with the money I gave her for the loan/gift she gave me (now that’s a tongue twister), Dad’s paid for my plane tickets for thanksgiving, Mew paid for my tickets to see her in Oct., Tim bought me lunch 3 times this week, and Barry was going to give me money for BART, but Mia drove me all the way home, even though she lives in Oakland.
Not that I am ungrateful or anything. I truly appreciate my friends helping me out and stuff. I know that they know that I would do the same for them. I just guess I like doing things on my on and by myself, without any help. Just the prideful, arrogant, bastard that I am.
Current mood: still have a headache
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