I am Joe’s Dad’s birthday gift…

Went ahead and got dad a Handspring Visor Edge for his birthday today. Need to mail it off to him Friday when I go get money orders for the rent.
Also picked up my chairs. They look nice and are sturdy enough I guess. But I will def. need to get some seat cushions for them. Maybe I’m just not use to them, since I have usually eaten my meals in my bed. That’s something that I have to stop doing (too many crumbs in the bed.)
Also broke down and got the 3rd Harry Potter book. I am not ashaimed to admit that I am hooked. Suzanne might call me wierd and a sellout, but I’m sorry, the series is a good read.
Am about to jump into bed now. Inventory is this Saturday, and I have to start waking up earlier. I have to be at the warehouse before 8am. Poop.
Nothing really earth-shattering today. I still love my girlfriend. I still love my family. I still love my new car. I still love my new place. I still love my friends.
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