In other news, I didn’t

In other news, I didn’t get my chairs today. They were supposed to be delivered by 3pm today, but I just called and the lady told me that they were busy and that she would try tomorrow and then hung up on me. I’m never going to get my chairs.
Called Columbia House and they combined my member info, but they sid that I have to buy 6 CD’s now in two years. I need to go home and find the original letter with the details of the special on it.
Also need to order Dad’s PDA. Still am super-tempted to get the buy one, get one free deal. But I really have no use for a PDA; it would just be another cool geek toy. So I am going to get Dad one of the low end Palms, probably the m105. I think that I will drive to Best Buy or Fry’s to take a look at all of them before I order anything.
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