I amJoe’s accomplished Monday afternoon…

Well, we are almost ready for inventory on Sat. Tim and I busted ass today and got most of the gift department precounted. With Mark here tomorrow, we should be able to get everythng done.
I am so tired though. It took forever for me to try to edit pictures last night. And I really didn’t do much except let Photoshop auto-adjust levels and some cropping. I was able to take out some blemishes and stuff, but I totally forgot to takeout the redeye in alot of the pictures. And then it seemed to take forever to post everything to my site. Then I looked at the site today, and the navigation doesn’t work cause it is a Frontpage extension thing and my site is on a non extension server. And then I forgot to change the target frame for something, so it is kinda messed up. I swear it wasn’t doing this when I tested it last night. Well, I will work on it when I get home. I def. need to get some sleep tonight; no getting sucked into Harry Potter @ 3am in the morning. Oy Vey. I also need to clean the dishes in the sink. And then there is also my MP3 player. Sometimes I wish that I would have waited for the new Jukebox to come out; it has firewire and a bigger hd. It would have made it muh easier to download my music. What else? Oh yeah, I better go to the cheap furniture store and order those chairs for the kitchen table.
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