I am Joe’s cold Saturday night….

Finished Dungeon Siege. I guess it was all right; the ending was anticlimactic.
Have been spending the last hour trying to get the gel back into my wrist pad (I washed it cause it was filthy.) Not an easy task, I tell you.
My room is still cold. 🙁 Am thinking of turning the heat on. Mike is gone for the weekend, so I am all alone.
One cookie wasn’t enough to satisfied my hunger, and I broke down and got Carl’s Jr. **sigh** I am such a weak person. poop. But it was SO GOOD! Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Cris-cut fries, raspberry tea, and choc fudge pie. MMMMM!!!! Made the mistake of looking at the nutrition info on the chocolate pie; I don’t know how many calories you are suppose to have and all, but even I knew that the numbers for that slice of pie were bad. Lots of calories.
O. K. going to turn on the heat and continue to work on getting the gel back into it’s sleeve.
Current mood: cold
Current music: Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven

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