I am Joe’s Thursday night update (O. K., so it’s actually Friday)

Left home @ 5pm and jumped into some of the worse traffic that I have driven in for a long time. Oy Vey, it was bad. If it wasn’t the fact that it was Mew visiting from SoCal, I might have just turned around and stayed home.But 2 1/2 hours later, I was I Vacaville at Mew’s parents house.
Mew showed off her new laptop and her pictures from New York. Then we headed to Tahoe Joe’s for dinner. Our waitress looked really familiar and it ended up that I had taken a class with her at Solano my last year there (English 4 w/Cobene the bastard). So we talked about stuff (mainly my stuff) and got drunk (O. K., I was more drunk) and talked really loudly (now that could have been Mew, although it didn’t help when I spit out my drink in shock after I heard something). Dinner was good, but I didn’t eat much considering that I hadn’t eaten all day.
Afterwards, we headed to Walmart. What is it with me and my friends that we go out to eat and get drunk, then head to Targetor Walmart to shop. I do this with Angie ALL the time. Anyway, I ended up getting 2 pairs of sunglasses and a DVD 2 pack (Armageddon and Pearl Harbor.) I also almost bought another DVD (Grosse Point Blank) and a football for the guys at work. But I decided that I didn’t need any reminders about high school reunions (either of them); has for the football, well the guys already have enough toys at the warehouse.
Besides, Mrs. Seto loaded Amber and I with TONS of Jelly Bellycandies (she works there). I have enough stuff for home, work, Suzanne and her family, and some for Dan, Jen and lil Drake when I see them (maybe this weekend).
Current mood: satisfied
Current music: Dave Matthews Band – The Dreaming Tree

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