I am Joe’s Wednesday night…

There is an ad in the paper for the new Century Theater; bring a can and get in free for a movie. The catch is that they don’t say which movie they will be showing and that it starts at 7pm and seats are limited. I still kinda want to go, just to get out the house. But I really need to take a shower, and I really feel exhausted.
Amber came by the warehouse today and hung out for awhile. Brian also came out and was impressed with what me and the guys have done. Shit is slowly rising towards the fan, but I think that I am just going to sit on it for awhile.
Tomorrow, I head up to Vacaville to see Mew. She is up for her brother’s graduation and she is taking me out to dinner. I can hear about her New York trip and show her pictures from Susanville.
I am really, really tired. I am thinking about taking some Nyquil just to push me over so I can go to sleep early. Nothing else to do tonight except read my books and to think about my future.
Hmmmm. Going to take a shower and think about what I am going to do in the future, i.e. after I am done with my shower.
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