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So I spent the next hour washing my blankets and reading my books, trying to take my mind off of things. Pay It Forward was a tear-jerker at the end. I should have saw the twist coming, but I didn’t. And of course, the tears were running down has I finished the book. **sigh** What a sucker I am. The only problem with the book that I had was that the character that Kevin Space played in the movie was suppose to be a black guy with an eye missing. It made the reading kinda confusing, cause I had this image of Kevin Space in my head.
Tales of the City was pretty good also. The only thing that bothered me in this book was the shortness of the chapters. But I guess the book originally was a newspaper series. But the story was really good and it was cool reading about S. F. from the 70’s with the whole sex scene (the bath houses and stuff). Will def. have to get the next book in the series.
Unfortunately, Mona In The Promise Land by Gish Jen, is something that I can’t get into. The writing style is just too confusing and it gives me a headache trying to understand where the story is going. I think that I will return it and try reading it again in a few weeks.
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