I am Joe’s pity….

So another thing that I learned while up in Susanville last week is that everybody has a plan for the future except for me. Everybody has a plan to get richer, or to get a better job, or to buy a house. Then there’s me; with no plan at all. I wonder if that is why they are friends with me; that they use me has some kind of marker for their lives. “Well, at least we are not like Joe with no plan. I mean, he has no plans on when he is going to marry Suzanne. He has no plans on where and how he is going to get a house. And he has no plans on moving from that god awful, low paying, end of the ladder job of his. I love you honey; I love you sweetie. **kiss, kiss** Come on dear, drop the baby at your mom’s house and then we can get some pens and paper and hop into bed and plan something. Oh honey, how romantic….
Oy Vey, sometimes my imagination scares even myself sometimes…
Still, it feels that life is suppose to be about planning and I should be furiously working on a plan to catch up with everybody else.
Current mood: comming up with a plan for one
Current music: Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca (Spanish Version)

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