I am Joe’s Tired Thursday Night….

For some reason, I am just exhausted. Work was busy, but not that busy. Thinking about taking a nap and then later finishing stuff. Mainly sweep and mop my house. Mike said that he cleaned the bathroom, but I think that I might clean it again. Also waiting for the parents to call me to let me know that they are in town. I thought that they would be here by now, but maybe they caught a late flight. I am still mostly winging the plans for this weekend. I know that I am spending the night in Vacaville with them…I might spend Saturday night too since I am going to church with them on Sunday. Then I could spent Sunday night @ Suzanne’s. What else? Still not sure what we are doing after graduation. Planned on taking everybody out for lunch/dinner, but not sure where. Was thinking about Vallejo so that Suzanne’s grandmother and aunt could come, but Suzanne nixed that idea. Now thinking either a Chinese restaurant that our family used to go to in Vacaville, Tahoe Joe’s (Never been there), or maybe Cattlemen’s. Or maybe ClaimJumper’s. Or maybe somewhere fancy in the city. I don’t know. O. K. I think the best thing for me is to take a map.
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