I am Joe’s Saturday Afternoon of FUN, FUN, FUN….

So here’s the situation….
Got the cap/gown for graduation. Also snagged an honor cord, cause I sure that Amber would be honored if I wore one has I walked down the aisle…
Don’t even ask about the announcements…
Spent Friday night at Suzanne’s watching Hudson Hawk. I had forgotten how bad of a movie it was. Oy Vey. And yet, I think that I want Suzanne to use some of the quotes to make more banners for me…
Went and saw Star Wars: Episode II. Loved it. As usual, Suzanne hated it. Oh well, can’t wait until the third episode comes out.
Suzanne and I are having one of our typical up/down weekends. Actually, it’s pretty up and not really down. And of course Dave Matthews is tonight.
Got a letter from Travis and they denied me a loan. **sigh** Then I guess the plan now is to try to pay the car off ASAP. Blah.
What else? Has usual, I have alot of things on my mind and gas in my stomach, and yet I keep both inside of me until it kills me. My stomach has been doing cartwheels since Friday; I hope that it settles down enough so that I can enjoy the concert.
Thinking that my days of goofing off are almost over. By that, I mean coming home and just lounging and either aimlessly surfing the net, watching T.V., or just doing nothing. There is alot of things that I need to get done, and I think now is the time to start working on them.
Oh yeah, watching the end of the Star Wars credits, and I see the name Randy Gon. Randy use to be my roommate with Mike and the bastard, Quetzal when we lived in the tower apt. in Park Merced. Totally cool.
Anyway, I should go and tell my girlfriend that I love her or something like that 😛
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