I am Joe cold feet at work…..

Trying to get motivated to finish working on correcting the inventory in the computer. But it is cold and I am hungry. For some reason, I have no money in my account. I have a sneaking suspision that I got double charged at the bookstore when I bought my announcemets, but the charges haven’t shown up yet.
Thinking about Suzanne’s friend, and how Suzanne said that she worked for an anime company. I never did asked what company she worked for. Wonder if she could have helped me get some Ranma DVD’s. Like I have any money for DVD’s right now.
Talked to Justin last night (more like him talking to me) One of the tennants here died of an heart attack. That’s always good to know. But there are two room upstairs for rent at a lower price. Semi thinking about taking a look at them. I need to save money, esp if I am going to get a car and start paying back my school loans. And moving upstairs could get me away from the smoke comming from Justin’s room. But I really do like the large room that I have right now. Hmmm. Something to simmer over.
What else has gone on in my borring life. Canceled my Sprint PCS acct today. When it’s all said and done, I am only going to get half of my deposit back. I had a $125 deposit that they credited to my account, and then I made a payment of $65 when I had a credit of $65. Anyway, they are charging me for April and whatever. I guess I should be lucky that I’m getting back any money at all.
O.K. enuf with aimless babble. I should squeeze in some work in my oh so busy schedule.
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