I am Joe’s direction service…

Just got a call from girlfriendand apple cohorts (Joe_Black & Convalesence) on their way to the Apple Store in Palo Alto. They are lost somewhere in East Palo Alto. I should have gave them directions to Fry*s in San Jose or something, but Fry’s sells Apples too. Anyway, I went online and they should be there soon. **sigh** I wonder if she will stop by to gloat over what she saw and show what she bought (probably an AirPort card).
In other exciting news, I paid for my graduation announcement today; 35 of them. If I need more, then I will pick up some blank ones and have a local printer type them up for me. At least I accomplished something.
Work was slow, as usual. Tim is going full force with the job hunt. Need to decide if I am going to promote and train Mark as my assistant, or just hire someone else. **yawn** Am kinda tired from staying up last night reading my two Star Wars books. Tonights reading is on HTML, Perl, and CGI. Oh fun. But first, a shower.
Current mood: tired
Current music: Sound of very large computer fan

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