I am Joe’s Fluff

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on Live journal. There has been a little fluff the last couple of weeks, but the number of posts are significantly down from last year. Am I over live journal? Is there something new that has captured my attention. Am I happy and don’t feel like spewing morbid thoughts to the citizens of the Internet.
I guess part of it is a battle that I’m having with myself over censorship. There are things that I want to post, but I know that they could hurt people feelings. Unfortunately, I’ve censored myself to the point where there is very little for me to write about.
So what have I been doing with myself. Mainly still enjoying the fact that I am out of school and that I can lounge and veg. after work. Surfing the web, watching T.V., reading, playing computer games.
Graduation is coming up and I need to get Announcements printed up.
Birthday is also coming up.
O.K. enuf fluff.
Current mood: bored
Current music: Robbie Williams – Let Me Entertain You

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