I am Joe’s contradiction

The Chrysler Group of DaimlerChrysler AG plans to sell a hybrid electric version of its Dodge RAM pickup truck for the 2005 model year, according to spokesman Max Gates.
Is it me, or does anybody else think that an Electric Dodge RAM is a contradiction of terms.
Anyway, today was a pretty good day. The manager’s meeting went well; I got the guys nominated for employees of the month. Afterwards, talked to the big bosses and they might come out on Friday to buy us lunch.
Feeling so good, that I decided to treat myself to dinner, fast food style. But I was in line for McDonalds, and the thought of the food just made me sick. So I settled for North Beach Pizza, which is a block from my house. A better choice, I think. Anyway, I finish uploading most of my CD’s onto my Nomad Jukebox Player. What I ended up doing is picking 5 songs from every CD. I still have about a 1.5GB left to fill. I might put a couple of more tracks on in, but I think that I will wait until I get a bigger HD for it before I upload everything.
Also brought home some of my books, so tonight will be Diablo II and Serious Sam free. Just buried in my blankets reading tonight.
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