Well, there is random knocking

Well, there is random knocking going on which sounds like it is coming from Justin’s room, so I think that I will pass on that late night snack.
Well, back to the previous post, I am just working myself into my usual negative frenzy over things, always plotting for the worst. I’m sure that everything will be fine and that I will have a good time out.
But there is the deal with me and Suzanne’s’ friends. I haven’t really had good experiences with her RL friends, except for Jason. And maybe Colleen who I met briefly. And I am def. not the LJ socialite that she is with her LJ friends. Like I’ve said in a post before, I LJ more for myself than to meet people….
….But on a similarly different topic. We were out in Dublin at Hacienda Crossing at the IMAX theater. We went into this Ice Cream shop (I think it was called Cold Stone Creamery) I was wearing my LJ shirt and we found out that the girl behind the counter had a LJ too. Damn it though, I can’t remember her name. Anyway, that was the 1st person that I have met who had a LJ who I didn’t; know before.
…well, I forgot where I was going, so I guess I will talk about jealously. I think that I am jealous of the guys who Suzanne know on LJ. It’s not like I’m going to do anything like forbid her from using LJ. But I think back to another relationship that I had and how by not doing anything, I let that someone slip away from me.
Of course I realize that if Suzanne is going to slip away from me, it won’t be because of a group of guys on the Internet who can type pretty words and flatter her to no end. Besides, we just passed the 3yr. marker and things are going good for us. We have our ups and downs; ours maybe more….frequent than others, but we get gotten through them. I still would like to move in with her somewhere, but that will take time. Still issues to hammer out and stuff. I think that once we are living together, I can finally think of myself as having a place to call home. It is something that I have missed for three years now ever since I’ve moved out and went to college. My parents and Eric up in Washington. I love going up there to see them and it feels like home. But I am really just a guess there. I never grew up in that house or have any…things, I guess, in that house. I sleep in the guest room and all of my stuff is packed away. All of my furniture is Eric’s now. There are no anchors in Washington for me. The same in all of the places that I have lived for the last 3yrs. I’ve always known that I was going to move again. I think that the main reason that I have been pretty quiet to Justin about the incense is cause I am tired of moving and just want to stay put for a good while. I would settle for calling this place home, but I don’t think it will happen. I won’t be able to call a place home until I get a place all to myself or with Suzanne.
The heater is on and I think that the pot is getting to me. Off to bed I go…
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