Two major social events for

Two major social events for me coming up is the Punchline this Friday and Mew’s going away party next Saturday. I’m already getting worked up over both and at one point, was trying to figure out ways to get out the both of them. **sigh** I just worry about what kind of mood I will be in before these events. And then there’s the matter of Suzanne. I love Suzanne (God, what a set-up), but she always has to put me down in front of my friends, or her friends for that matter. I don’t know, just not a very good track record with us and social event, I guess. Sometimes I can take it and other times I can’t. I just worry what time it will be.
The Punchline will be about 10-15 people that I know and don’t know. There will be some people from work that I know in varying degrees, and my old roommates might show up also. And then Suzanne is also bringing Jason, who I haven’t talked to or apologized too since the disastrous New Years Eve Party.
And then there is Mew’s going away party. The last party that I went to with Suzanne and my friends, I got roaring drunk and passed out. I still don’t remember everything that went on.
I wonder if I am turning into my dad? He’s kinda antisocial too.
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