I am also being naughty

I am also being naughty by looking at new computer parts and pieces. NOT that I would be interested in buying a new computer, esp since I haven’t even had this computer for even a year now. But it is fun to go window shopping. And there are some things that I do need for this computer. I quieter fan for starters. Not sure if it is the case fan of the power supply fan, but I do need something that runs quieter than what I have. I also might need a new Sound blaster Audegy sound card. Either that or buy a fire wire card so when Suzanne gets her laptop, then we can link up and play Diablo II together and stuff. What else? A new graphics card might be nice, one that I could connect to a T. V. but that is more of a dream item than anything else. A web cam might be nice also. Oh, I know a remote control. So I don’t have a stereo system, just the computer which I copied all of my CD’s on to. I hate the fact that I am I’m my bed and if I want to change songs, then I have to get up and go to the computer, change the song, and then go back to the bed. Life would be much easier with this. I know, I am so lazy.
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