About my new place

I live on the first floor of a brown ,3 story house in the Outer Mission in San Francisco. The house is split into two residences, with 3 rooms on the first floor and 3-4 rooms on the 2-3 floors. I live with two other people, David who is a teacher at the high school next door, and Justin, who is the house manager. David is rarely home, so usually it’s just Justin and I. Justin is a unique person. He is 23-24 (I think), and his only jobs are collecting the rent and he clean houses. He is stereotypical gay, which sounds bad, but means that he has the gay lisp. He also has a tooth that is annoyingly crooked. He is very anally clean, which is a good thing, cause I am assured that the house is clean. It’s bad cause it’s like living at home with my mom again. He is very cautious about his stuff, so I’m sure it’s hard for him to live with somebody else in the house and to share stuff, like the fridge. Not doing a very good describing Justin…
Anyway, Buffy is on; descriptions will have to wait
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