Well, I had a pretty

Well, I had a pretty good journal entry after being gone for a month last night, but I accidentally deleted it. Poop.
Anyway, tonight’s entry has to do with the Disney movie lineup for 2002. Well Peter Pan II is coming out to theaters this month; looks like it should have gone straight to video. Something that is going to video, but shouldn’t have been touched is the Cinderella II movie. Is nothing sacred at Disney. Their summer flick is something called Lilo and Stitch. Something to do with an escaped blue creature according to the site. I have to admit that the trailer for it made me laugh. Let’s see, what else. Beauty and the Beast/Imax ed. is out and for 2003, they are going to do Lion King/Imax ed. That should be really good.
Been working on my web site and my journal, messing with the colors and the styles. Salvaged the total mess that I had and now it is only kinda messy. More work tomorrow.
I think tomorrow I will watch Memento. Heard good things about it. Also will fix curry.
Current mood: sleepy
Current music: sound of the very noisy computer fan

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