It has to be the historian in me that keeps this journal

Spent part of the morning at the advising center. According to them, I has to send in two petitions in order to get my classes changed. But I looked at the catalogue and the worksheet and it says that I can double count classes, so I don’t know what they are talking about. I am going in to talk to a history advisor to make sure that my history stuff is ok, then goto the registar to see if I can get my class changed. **sigh** More flaming hoops of death to jump thru to get my degree.
Work is pretty slow, again. I’m trying to think of projects for us to do. God, I sound just like one of my old mgrs. at Solano, Frances. That is scary.
Was able to download my transcript from Solano. GOD!!! I was in school WAY,WAY, TOO LONG. GAWD!!! My friends should have shot me and put me out of my misery about 5-6 years ago. Wall, what’s done is done, I guess.
Tonight , I will play around more with my journal styles and see how bad I can fuck them up.
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