How obsesive am I? I

How obsesive am I? I went to look up my secret santa’s from last year. Onejdc was the person that I bought a gift for; I believe it was the Three Musketeers DVD. He never mentioned in his journal if he got it or not. Mostly a computer geek, he has a paid account, but hardly uses it. He has been a mamber since September 2000 and only has 105 entries.
Endgame was the user that I was suppose to get a gift from. She made a journal entry about sending her gift, but I never recieved it. She is a female now living in Florida and I think that she has graduated from college. Anyway, her journal is an interesting read, so I will probably add her to my friends list. maybe even find ot what happened to my xmas gift.
**sigh** pass 5pm time to get out of here
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