Think that I am going to pas out…

Decided to stay wrapped up in warm mink blanket instead of getting out of bed and into the cold. The cost for that was getting into work an hour late, but I think that it was worth it.
Had a dream about cooking food in my kitchen, wonder if that means that I should go shopping for food. I think I have 3 packets of oatmeal, some dried potato soup, and some remaining chocolates from France left. Maybe some stale cookies and one box of pasta-roni also. Of course, every time that I am hungry, I goto the refrig thinking that magically something will appear. Hmm, to eat or not to eat.
Decided to wait until dinner tonight to have my one meal of the day. I’m thinking either going Japanese or Chinese. My stomach is leaning more towards Japanese with thoughts of tempura, sushi, and teriakyi chicken. There is a place by Safeway in Daly City that I think I will try. But then there is also TK Noodle, which I think is a Vietnamese style restaurant. The food smells good, but it’s next to a Joliebee, whch is a filipino fast food place. i thought that the smells from Joliebee were good too, but the food really sucked. Well, I will have all day to decide on what to eat.
**brrrr** It is so cold in this warehouse and the heater seems to not be working. Time to burn some merchandise.
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