Finish readingFarewell To Manzanaragain. Ready

Finish readingFarewell To Manzanaragain. Ready to do paper on book, but need to stop at Reina’s to borrow her text. Also feeling kinda hungry, so am thinking about getting something to eat, even though I should wait until dinner to have my one meal. The one meal thing is really not helping and I should just accept the fact that I will stay at 190-200 lbs for the rest of my life and forget about ever getting back to 165-170. The thing is that I just jumped from 160 to 190; I don’t even remember the pounds in between. I guess as long as I don’t go over 200 lbs, I should be O. K.
Thinking fast food and Jamba Juice for lunch; such a winning combination. What I really need to do is to go grocery shopping so that I stop spending money on outside food. But I am to lazy to do that. Besides I am moving in a month or so. Speaking of, I need to start calling some of these ads that I have seen and find a place.
Also need to think about the Xmas cards; will have to send them out soon. And I guess there is another Wang-Chung Secret Santa thing going on. I’m still kinda miffed that I didn’t recieve a present last year even though I bought someone a 3 Muskerteer DVD. I know, it’s about the Xmas spirit, but still.
**sigh** Let me wash up and go scrounging for food.
Current mood: good
Current music: Moby – Porcelain

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